On March 17, 2017, Ripon Printers of Ripon, WI purchased certain business interests and assets of Maquoketa Web Printing, Maquoketa, IA.  Both companies are now doing business as Ripon Printers.


In a press release issued on March 20th Andy Lyke, president and CEO of Ripon Printers said, “We look forward to growing our client base and to serving the excellent customer roster that Maquoketa Web Printing brings.  We believe our cultures fit well together, and that clients will experience a seamless transition while benefiting from greater capacity, newer technology, and a broader suite of services.”  Lyke notes that Ripon Printers continues to look for new employees, especially given the growth the company will receive from this acquisition. 


Former Maquoketa Web Printing president, Robert “R.B.” Melvold agrees. “Ripon Printers is a leading heatset and non-heatset web printing company with an excellent strategy for growing with its customers,” Melvold says. “The company learns about its customers and their markets, and then invests in the technology and solutions to support current and emerging needs.”


R.B Melvold has joined the Ripon team as a Senior National Sales Representative. 

Ripon Printers is looking forward to the opportunity to serve you!


Learn more about Ripon Printers at www.riponprinters.com